Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Time - Clean Out That Garage

Spring is here and it's time to clean out your GARAGE !

It's that time again - where you empty your garage and clean your winter gear and move it to the back of the garage ( or another storage area ).

Be sure to empty your snow blower of any fuel or liquids. You might want to take it to a shop where they can perform any needed maintenance before you store it for the summer.

Clean off any of your "snow toys" and make sure they are in working order before you store them away.

Sweep out your garage and re-organize your space. I'm sure that over the winter things have become cluttered.

Take your lawn mower to be inspected and be sure that it's in working order.

Move all of your garden tools to the front where you can access them easily. Make sure that all of your tools and equipment are in working order

Clean out your garden bag (it's planting time!) and be sure that none of your garden tools have rusted over the winter.

Make sure that your bikes have their tires filled with air.

If you have kids - check to be sure that they have not outgrown their summer toys. If so - it's time to let them go.

Enjoy the transition from winter to spring!

Think of all of the fun things that spring brings with it.

Have a great, clutter free day! 

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Your Car - A Cluttered Death Trap ?

Most people don't think about their car as a "room" in their home that needs to be cleared of clutter. But it's one more area where people tend to just throw things in randomly and rarely clean.

Having just completed some continuing ed classes for my EMT license one of the topics was car accidents and flying objects.

When people fill their car with clutter they usually don't think "what if I have an accident - can these bags (or books or bats or bowling balls....) fly from the back of the car into the front during an accident and cause serious damage to my body?

It was a great class!  Thinking about all of the things that people fill their car with - especially when they go on a trip or are just doing sports - brings to mind that cars can be dangerous places.

It's something that we don't usually think about. But when you get a picture of a bowling ball hurling from the back seat to the front and shattering your front window - not to mention your head.... then you get a better picture of the damage that the contents of your car can have.

So - a few good points that we can learn from this.

Make sure that everything in your car is secure. If you have heavy objects of things that can potentially move from their location - secure them.

Use bags / boxes to hold lose objects - and a lid would be preferable.

Keep the clutter to a minimum and keep your car as neat as if it were another room in your home - not a dumping ground.

Clutter can be dangerous - and this is just one example.

Now go out and clean up your car! 

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