Monday, October 20, 2014

Cold Weather - Is Your Closet Ready ?

In some parts of the country it's starting to get cold and a lot of people pull out their "winter clothes" and put their "summer clothes" into storage.

If your lack of closet space makes this a necessity then there are a few important things that you should do before you just start randomly changing out your closet.

First - be realistic. I know that it's hard - but it you haven't worn something in a few years - why put it back into your closet???  Because you "might" wear it?  Someday?

It is taking up space. And if space is at a premium - let it go. Donate it. Give it to someone that will actually wear it - more than once every five years!

Second, does it fit? Correctly? Be honest with yourself. Wearing ill fitting clothes does nothing for your figure or your self esteem. If it doesn't fit - off to the donate pile it goes.

Third, is it in good shape? No loose buttons, holes, rips....???  If not - fix it before you put it back into your closet.

Fourth, please, please put things in some type of logical order. Again - logical is all relative. It means in an order that you can find it easily and that makes sense. Everyone organizes differently. That's important to remember. But you have to have some type of plan that will allow you to put together outfits in a relatively short amount of time and you have to be able to find the clothes that you are looking for.

For example - sort by color, by type (long sleeve, short sleeve), by style.... any way that makes sense to you. But it should make sense.

Put all of your pants in one spot. Your dresses/skirts in another spot. Your shirts in another spot.

Divide your closet by casual clothes & work clothes.

There are many different ways to go about this. The only "must" is that it "must" work for you.

But just randomly throwing your clothes in your closet does not work for anyone - sorry. It wastes time when you are trying to find things and that turns into frustration.

In the spring/summer - when your closets are reversed - do the same thing. Clean, fit, no holes....and only the clothes that you will actually wear.

Enjoy your clothes and your organized closet!

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