Monday, February 24, 2014

Cleaning and Organizing Your Fridge

Is your refrigerator clean and organized?  When was the last time that you cleaned it?

It's probably been a long time. Why?  Because you thought it would take too long and it's not a fun thing to do!

It's just one of those things that you should do at least every season! 

Start by taking everything off of each shelf and giving it a good cleaning. Don't put anything back in until the entire fridge is wiped down.

Pull out your vegetable drawers and wipe those out.

While you're doing that - make sure that you only put the food back that is actually still good and that you will actually eat. The fridge should not be a place where you just put things because you don't want to make a decision about it's contents.

Now take everything out of the doors and wipe those down.

Now here comes the organizing part - group like with like!  That means that all of the condiments should be grouped together. Why should you have to hunt for the ketchup? It should be right next to the mustard!

This may sound silly - but some people actually don't know that!

All of your juice and milk should be grouped together.

All of the lunch meats should be in one drawer.

Use plastic containers that stack easily so that you can stack them and have more room in your refrigerator.

Put all of your vegetables in one drawer.

Like with like.  That's our mantra!

Now go ahead - don't put it off any longer!  Clean out that refrigerator and feel good that you've accomplished another organizing event.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Feeding Your Family - Make Ahead Meals

Some people don't like to cook and spend a lot of money eating out. Or they think that they don't have time to cook so they order takeout. It all adds up to a lot of expense.

I've never known how to cook for one or two people.  We've always made enough for extra people or so that we can have leftovers.

I love to cook - but sometimes work and life just don't leave enough time for me to make those great big meals.  So when I am making something special like Lasagna - make two and freeze one for later!

When I make soup or pasta sauce - you can't just make a little bit!  I make a great big pot and freeze containers for those days that I just don't have time to cook. It's cheaper to pull out a frozen container of great food that you made yourself than to spend a fortune on feeding a family at a restaurant or even a fast food place. And it's much healthier.

When making chicken or a roast - make a little more than needed for that meal and use the rest later in the week. Get creative and save money!

When I make muffins I always make a double or triple batch and individually freeze them for later use. If you pull one out in the morning and stick them into your lunch it will be thawed and delicious by lunch time.

Get healthy, save money and spend time as a family - at home.

All it takes it a little "organization"!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Making Tax Time Easier

Taxes - something everyone hates dealing with. And I'm no exception.

To make your life easier make a simple list of all of your bank accounts (with account numbers), 401K statements, mortgages, business information, donations, medical information and anything else that you might need for your tax preparer.

I update my list every year and just check off the statements as they come in. That way I'm sure that I have not forgotten anything.

Tax time is very stressful and even the most organized people dread it.

But by having a list to check off all of the needed documents it will make your life much easier and you won't miss anything.

Another good use for this list is for your family - just in case you were in an accident or in preparation for your death.  I know that it might sound morbid - but your family should know where all of your financials are located to make their lives easier.  Coping with the loss of a loved one is not easy and having to sort through a lifetime of paperwork at that time is not something anyone wants to do.

Being organized is not always about you. It helps your family too!

Now - get back to your taxes before that deadline!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Stuck Inside? - Organize!

It's winter, snowing and cold (or so they say!).  Some of us are enjoying the beautiful and peaceful snow by going on long winter hikes through the forest. While others are complaining that they are stuck inside with nothing to do.

Nothing to do?  Really?  There's always something to do!

Maybe you don't want to start any big projects and just want to sit in front of your T.V. and be warm and cozy.  That's fine. We all need to do that at times. But you can still accomplish some tasks that you have been putting off.

How about grabbing that stack of mending that's been sitting on your table - waiting for you?  I finally got around to hemming and patching numerous pairs of pants, socks and sweaters that needed a bit of attention. You can do that while you sit on the couch!

Or if you want a few quick "chores" during the commercials - how about:

*    cleaning your coffee maker - run some vinegar through it to clean it out
*    clean out the lint in your dryer
*    dust a few pieces of furniture
*    polish some of your shoes to make them look more professional
*    make individual snack bags for your kids lunches for the week
*    write out this months birthday cards
*    go through your stack of magazine that are sitting on the floor and get rid of the ones you've already read
*    make a "to do" list of things that need to be fixed in your house

There are many "small" things that can be done while you are sitting under that blanket complaining about having "nothing to do".

So -  keep warm and get Organized!

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