Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas Sales - Shop with Caution

It's the day after Christmas and all through the land people are scurrying to get what they can.

It's bargains galore and Buy One, Get One Free.

Where will I put it? says the inner me.....

Yes, the bargains are many and this is a great time to stock up.....BUT, if you have no room and have no plan for what you are going to do with all of the "bargains" that you buy....and probably won't even use some of the things it really a bargain?

If you can take advantage of the sales and have a plan in buying Christmas cards for next year or things that you can use as birthday presents in the upcoming months....and have a place to store them....then it's fine.

But, if you don't have the storage space and don't really need all of the "stuff", then is it really a bargain?

A lot of people shop just to shop. It's an emotional thing. But you have to look at the reality of your finances and your storage space. If there is no room for all of the "stuff" then you are just causing yourself more stress by overcrowding your home with things that you don't really need. Once the "adrenaline" of shopping for bargains wears off you will be left with a pile of things that you don't have any room for or any use for.

So take a step back and ask yourself "do you really need this item?". If the answers is "yes" and you have the extra money and storage space then go ahead and save yourself 75% and buy it. But if you don't have the space or the money then it's not really a bargain.

Being organized is about thinking and planning ahead. It doesn't mean that you can't take advantage of a great sale. But step back and think beyond today's shopping excursion and make sure that you don't overextend yourself financially and shop yourself out of space!

Have fun shopping for bargains !

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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Wishing all of you a very

As in our German tradition we will eat a very special meal of German white sausage. Topped off with some desserts and then the best part.... opening our Christmas presents!

Then off to midnight mass with Christmas songs to fill the air.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Time Management During the Holidays

It's getting close to Christmas and a lot of people still haven't even put up a tree or sent out cards.

The holidays are not a time to be stressed so don't beat yourself up over not getting everything done. It you are running out of time you have to decide what you can live without so that you don't drive yourself crazy.

Being organized is about "time management". If you haven't finished everything on your list give yourself the gift of "not finishing". Let it go. Most people that I know haven't even sent out their cards yet, so you are not alone.

BUT.... this should give you some incentive to start earlier next year! If you have your 2012 calendar, open it up and put a note in the calendar for some of the things that you need to accomplish for the holidays. For example:

* Write out cards

* Start Xmas shopping

* Decorate the house

By using your calendar and making "appointments" with yourself you will be more likely to get things done on time.

Time Management at home is just as important as in the workplace.

Schedule some time each day of the next week to get the rest of your projects done, but allow some extra "breathing" time so that you don't get to the holiday and just wish it would go away.

Anything that you can let go of at this point.... LET IT GO! For some people being a perfectionist causes too much stress and actually wastes time. Learn from your "disorganization" and last minute "craziness" and know that you can do better next year.

And remember, if your family wants a great holiday they should be willing to help you. Don't try to do it all yourself. Assign tasks to everyone and work together to make this holiday season a good one.

Happy Holidays!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Organizing Your Closets For Christmas

The holiday season is upon us and as always it comes at the end of the year. To those of us that are extremely organized we are not only dreaming about the holidays, presents and snow, we are also thinking about all of the things that we have to do before the end of the year and the beginning of January.

Prior to Christmas is a great time to de-clutter and organize. It's the time to go through your closets and get rid of things that you have never or rarely worn, things that no longer fit, things that are worn out.

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Have the kids go through their clothes also. They outgrow things quickly and therefore a lot of their clothes are barely worn. Or, as kids, they tire of them very quickly and haven't worn them in forever and won't wear them anymore anyway. So donate them to someone that can use them.

Also, have the kids go through their toys and donate those that they have outgrown or don't play with anymore. Let it be their "idea" so that they feel empowered and are not upset with you for getting rid of their toys. This is a great learning experience for them.

Everyone knows that you will be getting new things for Christmas - so make room now!

You can only fit so many things into your closet so now is the time to take a realistic look at the room you have and what you have in your closet. Be honest with yourself. If you haven't worn it and it's taking up room that you don't have, get rid of it.

By getting a jump start on organizing your closet now you will be much happier after the holidays when you are trying to squish things into a crammed closet.

Remember, by de-cluttering and donating now you can get it into this years taxes.

Happy Organizing and Happy Holidays !

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Monday, December 5, 2011

What are the Holidays About ?

It's December. The stores are filled with decorations and lights and there bargains are everywhere.

It's also a time that creates a lot of stress for a lot of people. Maybe it's time to remember what’s important. A time to celebrate what you have, not what you don’t.

Opening presents is fun and exciting. Not only for kids. Adults love getting presents also. Whether they admit it or not.

But in this rush to buy presents step back and think about the person that you are buying a present for. Get them something that they like not that you like. If you are unsure if they will like what you picked out …put it back !

Don’t just buy things for the sake of buying things. If they don’t like it they will just smile and pretend that they do and they will never use it (or wear it). Then it will end up being clutter. Stuff they they feel they cannot get rid of. Because you bought it for them. Guilt will set in. The clutter will be there forever. Reminding them that they cannot throw it out.

So remember that when buying gifts. If you aren’t 100 % sure that they will absolutely love the gift don’t buy it. Save everyone the emotional trauma of having to pretend.

The holidays aren’t about gifts. They are about being together as a family and friends.

Give the gift of time. That is something that everyone will love. And remember forever.

Happy Holidays !

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