Sunday, April 28, 2019

Organizing Tips to last you All Year

It's spring and people are starting to feel like they need to Spring Clean their homes. Freshen things up. Shake out the cobwebs of being cooped up all winter.

So many things to do! So many projects!

It's sort of like New Years Resolutions - everyone makes them - but after a few weeks - they lose interest and go back to being couch potatoes!

So - let's give you some incentive, encouragement and accountability!

Sit down with a pad of paper and just start brainstorming all of the things that you want to do - if you had the time and energy and nothing was standing in your way.

Just start writing it all out. Don't overthink it!

Let's see what your list looks like:

Deep clean the living room
Organize the garage
Organize your kitchen
Organizer your calendar
Get rid of clothes you don't wear anymore
Organize your file cabinet

You get the picture......

Now that you have it all written down - will you actually do it?

In most cases - you might do one or two things and then get side tracked.

So - I have created  a years worth of Organizing, Decluttering and Cleaning Tips that might give you some ideas - and maybe even get you motivated to get your house and life back on track!

You can sign up for 52 Weeks of Decluttering & Organizing emails
and you will receive one (1) email a week with a tip around one topic. Each week there is a new topic. We will cover various organizing and decluttering issues. We will cover ways to get your family involved in helping around the house. We will even cover some cleaning tips.

The emails will automatically come to your email address every week.

You just have to read and then implement them!

Some of the topics include:

Organize your Bedroom
Organize your Kitchen
Reducing Your Stuff
How to Fold Fitted Sheets
How to Create a Realistic To Do List
What to Do In 1 to 3 Minutes to Declutter
Create Habits to Get Things Done
Why Your Calendar Can Make You More Productive
Every Day Laundry Tips

and many more tips to last you throughout the upcoming year....

At the end of the 52 weeks you will also receive a special gift.

Sign up today - it's easy!

52 Weeks of Decluttering & Organizing emails

*****  This series is only available as a subscription - it will not be posted on this Blog

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