Friday, November 16, 2018

Getting Your Family to Help with Clutter and Organization

One of the most asked questions that I receive as a Professional Organizer is "how do I get my family to help me keep our home clutter free and organized"?

Well - the answer is not easy. And every family will have a different way of doing things.

A few suggestions:

Start when the kids are young. Have them put away their toys and clothes. It's never to early to start them on the road to an organized life. They can start as early as 3 (yes, they can put away their toys - one toy at a time).

Near the end of the evening - stop whatever you are doing - and spend 10 minutes picking up after yourselves. Hang up the coats, put away the shoes, take the dishes & cups out of the living room and put them back into the kitchen. If everyone picks up after themselves - it does not fall on "the mom" and the house will look much better. 

Try setting an alarm for 30 minutes and have everyone clean one area. If everyone pitches in - the house can look spotless!

Make a chore list for each member of the family. Have a special treat for whoever finishes all of their chores.

If you have kids - and have a chore list - rotate the chores with the kids. That way they get to do different chores each week. Some they will like and some they won't. By doing this one person isn't always stuck doing the "yucky" chores.

Have a chore bowl.  Let everyone pick a chore out of the bowl and give them a deadline as to when it must be done.

Don't save all of the chores for the weekend. Spread them out over the week so it won't feel like you are wasting your weekend on cleaning.

Do something fun after a big cleaning episode!  Reward yourself. Something as simple as going out for a hike and enjoying nature. Or have an ice cream!

By breaking up the "must do because that's life" chores with some fun and rewards - it will help your family act as a family unit.

Everyone lives in the house - everyone works together.

That's what a family is all about !

Less Clutter = Less Stress SM     in your home, your business and your life 

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