Monday, July 16, 2018

Clutter - Keeping Memories

Clutter comes in a variety of disguises. Sometimes it appears as "important" objects that we feel the need to keep "because" someone special gave it to us or it meant something to "someone".

But the question is - does it mean anything to us?  Is it important to us?  Or - is it "still" important to us.

As time goes by - our life changes.  Our interests, our friends, what was once important to us - they all change.

So why are we keeping things that no longer mean anything to us?  Or things that never really meant anything to us - just to the people that gave it to us?

Friends and family mean well.  They give us things that they think we will like - or that they like - and they expect us to keep them and cherish them as they did.

But is that fair to us?  What if we really don't like what they gave us or if we have no room for the object or if the object doesn't really mean anything to us?

Do we really need to keep it - forever?

Sometimes things mean a lot to us - at the time. But what usually happens is that as we change - as our interests change - as our lives change - we don't get rid of things that no longer mean anything to us. Or things that have lost their meaning or value.

Letting go of sentimental things - memories - is really hard.  But keeping them doesn't really change the fact that we no longer have the same attachment to them.  Or that we no longer have the space for them.

Don't let the guilt of letting objects go stop you from letting them go.  You can keep the memories if they are good ones and pass the object on to another person that might care about it. Or if the memory is a painful one - let it go and reclaim your life.

You are not obligated to keep anyone else's "stuff".  Letting go is not always easy - but it is a part of growing up.

Let is go - without guilt. Reclaim your space and your own life.

Less Clutter = Less Stress SM     in your home, your business and your life 

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