Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Schools is Almost Out - Some Tips to Clear the Upcoming Clutter

School is almost out !!!! Only a few more weeks to go!

Kids will be cleaning out their lockers and bringing home a lot of  STUFF.  Stuff that you haven't seen in a year. Maybe even stuff that you didn't know that you were missing - like your Tupperware! Well - that is if you are lucky enough to get your Tuupperware back - instead of it having been "accidentally thrown out".

Kids will also be bringing home a lot of papers and other things that they find  in their lockers. Maybe even some clothes. If they are like most kids they will probably just dump it all in the hallway when they come home. And it will stay there for weeks.

So, before you get too far into the summer take some time to organize the mess. And if you can, make the kids help. It is their mess after all!

First, throw out all of the garbage.

Second, take back your Tupperware, dishes, silverware...

Third, grab those clothes and throw them in the laundry. After they are clean, decide if they still fit or might still fit by the start of the next school year. Otherwise, into the "donate pile" they go.

Fourth, go through their papers and decide which ones you want to keep (things such as art work or other papers you really want to keep). You might want to dispose of the other papers when the kids are not around. If you have a folder/box or notebook for each child you can put anything you want to save into their file (by grade). If there is any art work that you want to keep but is too big for your file box - you might want to take a picture of it instead of keeping the actual paper.

Fifth, any extra school supplies that can be used for the next year can be put away in a bag and you will have a head start on shopping for the next school year. Be sure to keep a list of what you already have so that you don't buy duplicates when you get the rest of their school supplies in late summer.

Sixth, check the condition of their backpack and lunch box and toss them or put them away for next year (after a thorough cleaning of course!).

Don't let the mess sit there all summer. You know what to expect - so get ready with a plan - clear it up right away and get on with your summer!

It will only be a few more weeks - until the chaos sets in! Start planning some activities now - to keep the kids busy throughout the summer - so that you too can enjoy the great weather!

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