Saturday, March 24, 2018

Letting Go and Starting Fresh

Clutter is about more than stuff. It's about your life - past and present. For most people clutter - or memories as they call it - is about their past. Having things that remind us of our childhood, or what we accomplished (old trophies) - gives us a sense of who we are. Or who we were.

But sometimes - we hold on to things from the past that have bad memories attached to it.

The question is - why?

Why do you want to be reminded of a bad or traumatic period of your life?  So that you don't make the same mistake again? Or maybe to remind yourself that you were able to change and become a better person?

Whatever the reason - holding on to painful memories just keeps you in the past.

By letting go - of your clutter - of the past - you can start to make new and better memories.

Physical clutter takes up a lot of room in your home. Emotional clutter takes up a lot of room in your mind and heart.

Going through each room of your home - getting rid of the clutter - lets you open up the room to a new and fresh outlook on life. By clearing the clutter of things that no longer interest you (old crafts) - you make room for new interests.

Give yourself permission to clear the clutter out of your life - and let in more productive possibilities!

Start fresh - one room - one day at time!

Less Clutter = Less Stress SM     in your home, your business and your life 

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Monday, March 12, 2018

A Few Organizing Tips To Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter looks bad. It takes over our home and seems to grow. It usually starts at the front door.

When you walk into your home - what do you see?  A bunch of coats, hats, boots - strewn everywhere?  Piles of stuff - never moving.

You can conquer clutter!  Start by having a landing area for your coats, hats, boots - and anything else that comes into your home. Use your coat closet!  Sounds logical doesn't it?  Yet most people don't use their closet and instead pile things up on a bench or hang  a bunch of coats on one hook - meant for only one coat. It looks bad and gives a bad first impression.

By using a coat closet for coats - and only current weather gear - your entry way will immediately take on a more organized and clutter free look.  Keep off season coats and gear in another closet or basement if there is not enough room in your entry way closet.

Horizontal surfaces are not your friend! People tend to pile things on them. And then more on top of that. And then more on top of that.....   You get the picture!  Piles upon piles! 

What are piles?   Delayed decisions.

Instead of just piling things - put them where they belong right away!  It really only takes a few seconds to put things where they belong.  Yet, people seem to think that it takes longer than it actually does and that it takes a lot more effort. In reality - piling things and then having to look through the pile and finding the correct home for the item - actually takes a lot longer and a lot more effort than doing it right in the first place.  It's all psychological.

Have a donate bin handy.  Whenever your family outgrows things (clothes, toys, books....) or you find that you aren't using something anymore - put it into your donate bin.  When the bin gets full - take it to a donation center. Don't forget to get your donation receipt so that you can put it on your income tax return.

By keeping clutter at bay - your home and your life will become clearer and your stress levels will go down.

So start today - and check those piles!  Banish clutter from your home!

Less Clutter = Less Stress SM     in your home, your business and your life 

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Estate Division - Make It Easy on Your Family

Organizing your life includes organizing your assets so that your family knows what you want done should anything happen to you.

A lot of people think that only old people should have a will and think about the future. That is the furthest thing from the truth! Being prepared for anything that life might throw at you is a gift that you can give your family. At a time of crisis a lot of people make decisions based on emotion instead of logic. Make your important decisions before a crisis so that the decisions you make are in your best interest/

One way to do this is to make a list of all of your assets.

Divide your assets without dividing your family.

Estate Division software - there is a FREE version available. This is a great way to track and later divide household assets.

Divide Assets and Clear the Home for Sale


Take your time and organize your home and life - on your terms.

Less Clutter = Less Stress SM     in your home, your business and your life 

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