Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Time Management - List Management - Priority Management

Are there too many things on your "TO DO" list?  Do you have things listed in priority order? Is anything actually getting done?

Life can be a challenge. Most people have too many things that they want to do or get done - yet they can't seem to get ahead of their list. If they have a list, that is.

It's easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out by the number of things that we expect of ourselves. A lot of this is of our own making. We try to squeeze too many things into our day and then get upset with ourselves when we don't accomplish everything.

The problem is not that we aren't accomplishing everything - it's that we don't have a system in place - that works for us. Everyone is different - there is no "one size fits all".

Managing your time includes managing your expectations. Start by making a list of all the things that you want or need (or think you need) to get done. This is your master list.

You then need to decide on what is a priority and number them accordingly. This takes some decision making. Then step back and be realistic about your priorities. Maybe you might want to renumber your list. What seems like a priority now might not be a priority after you have looked at your entire list and thought about it for a while.

Next, you will want to break down your list into tasks.  These tasks should be things that can be accomplished in a short period of time. They are not "projects" - but short tasks - such as deciding on the color for the office that you are going to repaint (project).

It would look something like this:

Project:   Paint office


  • Decide on a day to paint and schedule it on your calendar
  • Decide on a color
  • Go to the store to pick up paint
  • Pick up brushes at the store
  • Pick up paint sticks at the store
  • Pick up a drop cloth at the store
  • Paint the room
  • Clean up the room of all material (drop cloth, paint cans...)

This is just one example of breaking down your projects into manageable tasks.

By putting everything down on your list - you won't have to remember everything and you won't stress yourself out by forgetting something. Plan ahead and plan everything out.

Scheduling your time, making lists, breaking down your priorities into actionable events is critical in reducing your stress.

It is also important not to over schedule yourself. By putting everything on your calendar (either paper or electronic) - it helps you to see everything that you are actually doing. It's a reality check.

Once it's on paper - and you have a "visual" - it's easier to step make and make some decisions on your "priorities". Be realistic about the time and more importantly - the energy - that you really have for all of your commitments.

It's easy to get lost in your commitments and to forget the most important thing - your family and yourself. Schedule time for your family and yourself on your calendar. If you don't - no one will.

Better time management results in helping to reduce your stress!

Have a great and productive - but not over scheduled week!

Less Clutter = Less Stress SM     in your home, your business and your life 

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Schools Out and Stuff is Everywhere - Toss What You Don't Need and Organize the Rest

School is out for the summer!!!!  Kids will have cleaned out their lockers and brought home - well, lots of stuff! Maybe even stuff that you didn't know that you were missing - like your Tupperware!

They will also have brought home lots of papers and other things that they cleared out of their lockers. Maybe even some clothes. If they are like most kids they will probably have dumped it all in the hallway where they came in. And it's still probably there!

So before you get too far into the summer take some time to organize the mess. And if you can, make the kids help. It is their mess after all!

First, throw out all of the garbage.

Second, take back your Tupperware, dishes, silverware...

Third, grab those clothes and throw them in the laundry. After they are clean, decide if they still fit or might still fit by the start of the next school year. Otherwise, into the "donate pile" they go.

Fourth, go through their papers and decide which ones you want to keep (things such as art work or other papers you really want to keep). You might want to dispose of the other papers when the kids are not around. If you have a folder/box or notebook for each child you can put anything you want to save into their file (by grade). If there is any art work that you want to keep but is too big for your file box - you might to take a picture of it instead of keeping the actual paper.

Fifth, any extra school supplies that can be used for the next year can be put away in a bag and you will have a head start on shopping for the next school year. Be sure to keep a list of what you already have so that you don't buy duplicates when you get the rest of their school supplies.

Sixth, check the condition of their backpack and lunch box and toss it or put it away for next year (after a thorough cleaning of course!).

The mess is now gone and you can get on with our summer!

Have a great summer!

Less Clutter = Less Stress SM     in your home, your business and your life 

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Different Types of Clutter

Clutter comes in many forms. It's not just about "stuff" or "possessions". There are many types of clutter. Most people only think about clutter in terms of physical clutter. But there is so much more.

Types of Clutter:

  • Physical Clutter:         things that you have
  • Paper Clutter:              piles of paper everywhere
  • Digital Clutter:            emails & internet
  • Time Clutter:              things that you do
  • Brain Clutter:              things that you think about
  • Relationship Clutter:   people in your life that are not good for you
  • Emotional Clutter:      things that you burden yourself with

What are some things that are cluttering your life?
To Many Things On Your To Do List 
Bad Relationships

Take some time to think about all of the things that are cluttering your life and try to decide what you can let go of. 
Pick one thing in each category that is cluttering your life and let it go. 

Less Clutter = Less Stress SM     in your home, your business and your life 

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

What can a Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant do for you?

What can a Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant do for you?  More than you think! The possibilities are endless! 

A Professional Organizer Can Organize The Following Areas:

* Attics
* Basement
* Bathrooms
* Bedrooms
* Blended Households
* Children's play areas
* Closets
* Computer De-Cluttering
* Crafts
* Cupboards
* Dining Room
* Filing System that Works
* Financial Organizing
* Furniture Placement
* Garages
* Home Office  
* Kid's room
* Kitchens
* Living areas
* Mail
* Memorabilia
* Move-Ins
* New Mom Organizing
* Newly Married Whole Home Organizing
* Offices
* Pantry
* Play Rooms
* Relocation / Moves
* Senior Downsizing
* Senior Transition
* Small Spaces
* Tools  
* Toys
* Unpacking
* Whole Home Organizing  
* Sewing and Craft Rooms      

A Professional Organizer Can Help With / Is A:

* Accounting / Bill Paying
* Blended Households
* Business Organizer and Productivity Coach
* Categorizing and Clearing
* Clutter Coaching
* Clutter Elimination
* Combining Households
* Computer De-Cluttering
* Creating Organizing Systems
* De-Clutter your life
* De-Cluttering your home
* Downsizing / Rightsizing
* Education on Hoarding
* Employee Productivity
* Estate / Life Organization
* Filing System that Works
* Financial Organizing
* Furniture Placement
*  Hoarder Interventions
* Hoarding Challenges
* Hoarding Specialist
* Home Office Organizing
* Home Organization
* Home Staging
* Life Coach
* Lifestyle Coaching
* Manages Chaos
* Memorabilia
* Move-Ins
* Moving Coordination
* Organizing and De-Cluttering
* Organizing Consultant
* Organizing Education
* Paper Management
* Personal Assistant
* Productivity Coach
* Public Speaking / Lectures / Seminars
* Purging
* Relocation / Moves
* Re-Purpose Space
* Senior Downsizing
* Senior Transition
* Setting Up a New Business
* Setting Up a New Home
* Setting Up Filing System
* Small Spaces
* Sorting and Editing
* Space Planning
* Storage Container Assessment
* Storage Solutions
* Tax Organizing and Preparedness
* Time Management
* Travel Preparation
* Virtual Organizer
* Whole Home Organizing

Less Clutter = Less Stress SM     in your home, your  business and your life 

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