Monday, February 27, 2017

Eat Healthy - Cut Your Food Costs and Save Time

Everyone is so busy these days that many people forgo their health and think they are saving time by getting and eating fast or prepackaged food. They want everything done instantly.

The reality is that not only are you spending a lot more money than if you bought your own food and prepared it yourself - but - you are also neglecting your health. Everyone knows that "fast food" is not healthy. Calories, cholesterol and lack of nutritious vitamins. Everyone knows this - yet people try to justify it by saying that "they have no time and they need to feed their families a quick meal before they go to..." (whatever activity they have that day).

If you planned ahead - if you planned out your week and your meals - if you took a step back and realized that "yes - you can prepare a healthy meal for your family - in a short period of time" - you would realize that you are not saving time or money by buying fast food.

We are so ingrained into buying into everything that is advertised that we forget to think for ourselves.

Yes - fast food or prepackaged food can be a treat every once in a while. But it should not become the staple of our home.

By being organized and planning out your week and your meals - you can save time and money.

Start by making a schedule of your activities and putting it on a calendar.

Plan out your meals for the week and make a shopping list. The meals don't need to be fancy. On days when you have activities that you need to get to they can be as simple as grilled cheese and a salad. Or soup and a salad. But homemade food is less expensive. You have control over the ingredients and the quality of the food. By planning them out in advance you won't feel rushed during the week and you will feel better in giving your family a "home cooked" meal - as simple as it is.

By buying in bulk you will also save money. Look for sales and something that is in season and available locally that week. If something is in season and available locally - it will probably be less expensive. If it's not something that you planned on serving that week - be flexible and adjust your menu. You can save money by doing so.

When you get home from the store spend the extra time and divide your purchases into portions that you will use at one time. By buying in bulk and making your own individual bags of snacks for the week - instead of buying individually portioned items at the store - you will save a lot of money.

For example - by buying a big bag of carrots and peeling and cutting them yourself and putting them into individual bags for your lunch - you will spend a lot less money than if you bought prepackaged baby carrots.

Buying fruit and healthy snacks - instead of junk food - teaches your kids good nutrition.

Spending a half hour sorting and packing your bulk items into correctly portioned items for your family size - will save you money. But most importantly - you will have provided your family with healthier options.

Buying a weeks supply of meat and portioning out the amount you will use during one meal - and putting it into freezer bags or tupperware - will cut down on the time you will need to prepare that meal later during the week.

At dinner time it will be much easier to pull out the already portioned meat and vegetables and cook them - in a short period of time.

Or you can take the portioned out ingredients and toss them all into a crock pot - and have a delicious home cooked meal waiting for you when you come home. Fast food!

By being organized and planning out your week - you will save time and money. But most importantly - you will have provided your family a healthier eating option.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Work/Life Balance - Is There Really Such a Thing?

Everyone talks about "Work/Life Balance" - but the question is - "is there really such a thing?".

In today's world everyone is so busy it's hard to find enough time for your family and all of their activities, much less yourself.

Then we throw in the reality of today's world - where everyone is connected all of the time and we never get any "down time".  Facebook, Twitter, email, messaging ....and the rest of the internet keeps interrupting us 24/7.

Be honest - our cell phones are never out of our hand. We constantly check it. It keeps interrupting our life. And we allow it!  We would be lost without it!

Or would we?

What did people ever do before cell phones and the internet?

They talked to each other in person. They shared their life with people they actually knew - not strangers they meet online. Strangers, or acquaintances they call "friends".

Social media is everywhere. We are inundated with it. It might have it's place - but so does out family and our friends.

Throw in our jobs - which in many cases - due to cell phones - keeps us "working" 24/7. We are never far out of the reach of our jobs and our bosses. We constantly answer work related questions even after we come home. There is never any "down" time. Our "family time" is constantly being interrupted by outside forces.

It might be the "reality" of today - but it affects us in many ways. And most people really aren't aware of it.

Paying attention to people when they are speaking to you. Being "present" when they are speaking to you - doesn't happen very often anymore - because someone is messaging us and we are reading the messages - or we are reading our emails on our cell phone.

It might be the "norm" - but it shows a lack of respect for the other person.

It might be "important" that you answer your emails from work 24/7 - or so you think. It might just "make you feel important". Are you getting paid extra for working 24/7? Is it really going to make or break your job/career?

It has been shown that people need a break. They need down time from their jobs. They need to take "real" vacations - without the disruption of their jobs. They need to refresh, regroup, recharge!

It's hard!  But if we don't allow ourselves to get recharged - if we don't allow ourselves to be "present" for our family and friends - we won't really be our best. We will miss a lot of the special moments in our family's life - because we aren't focusing on the moment because our minds are elsewhere.

Take a step back - be realistic on how your work, your family and your life interact with each other.

Make time for yourself. Make time for your family and friends. Make time for your job. 

Organize your life - organize your priorities. Yes - family and friends can and should be scheduled activities - just like you schedule your meetings at work. They are just as important.

Your health depends on having balance in your life.

Figure out what's working and what's not. You don't have to be in every single activity and on every single board. You might want to - but you don't have to.

Work/Life Balance is not always balanced. But you can adjust it - and you should - every so often.

Take our Work/Life Balance Assessment to see how well you are doing.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

How Organized Are You? Take A Quiz And Find Out....

Being ORGANIZED is a way of life. It's not a "one time, fix it up and be done with it" process. It's an ongoing event.  Some people might be organized in one part of their life and not in another. They might be organized at work and unorganized at home. It's perfectly normal and very common.

Just because you have an organized desk doesn't mean that you are an organized person.

Do you process your mail in a timely manner? Do you pay your bills on time? Do you drive all over town from one end to another? Do you realize that if you planned and consolidated your trips your could be saving time and money?

Being organized affects every part of your life. From when you wake up in the morning and have your clothes laid out for the day and your lunch made ahead of time....until you are ready to go to bed at night and have your tomorrow all planned out.

Do you have routines in place for sorting through your closet and getting rid of things that you never wear? Does your family know what you expect of them? Do they know where to put things? Do they even know that you have a plan?

When it comes to families - everyone should be on the same page - at least they should know there is a page. By coming together as a family and having a common goal you will be able to eliminate some of the stress that daily life brings.

Start by teaching your kids that you have expectations. You will be helping them grow into a better and more organized adult!

Take our  Personal Organizational Assessment   and see how organized you really are.

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