Thursday, August 18, 2016

An Organizer Gets Spicy !

The other day I had a little bit of time between clients - and I just happened to be near a Bed, Bath & Beyond - with a 20 % OFF coupon - so I decided to see what was new in the kitchen aisle.

I love looking at all of the various organizing bins and gadgets. They are expensive and you can probably get them elsewhere for less money - but with a sale and a coupon - sometimes you get lucky.

I happened to spot a "Spicy Shelf". I had read about this shelving system from other Organizers and they seemed to like it - but I thought it looked like it wasted a lot of room - so I never gave it another thought. And then I saw it in the store - and I had that 20 % OFF coupon - and I was feeling adventurous - so I bought it!  For clarification - I am not a shopper and not impulsive - but I was having a wild and crazy moment!

I went home and proceeded to take everything out of my spice cupboard and then put together the "Spicy Shelf". It was extremely easy to put together.

The cabinets in my kitchen are small and not very tall (it's a rental - we can't all have the perfect kitchen).  I was originally using a small, single turntable on each shelf. The Spicy Shelf definitely made it look a lot more open and gave me a lot more room. Since my cupboards are not very tall I just used one of the stacking shelves on each level.

It's still a work in progress. I will get some small containers for some of the loose bags that I have.

My only wish is that the shelves were just a bit wider. They are fine for normal spice jars - but since I am a huge gardener and have my own herbs - I tend to use a variety of jars to contain them.

It was a fun afternoon. Reorganizing and fine tuning is an ongoing process.

So - get creative - and GET ORGANIZED !


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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Getting Your Kids Ready For School...and For Life

School is about to start. Have you thought about your school year routine yet?  Don't wait until the morning of the first day of school to come up with a plan. Start thinking about your first day now and get ready.

The question now is "Do you have a calm and stress free routine ?".  If not, why not? The answer is probably because things are not as organized as they could be.

Come up with a routine and get your kids involved. Let them know ahead of time what time they will have to get up in order to have plenty of time to get dressed, make their bed, eat a healthy breakfast and get all of their school things in their back packs and on their way.

By starting your kids on a routine and giving them responsibility for getting ready on time you have started them off on the right track to a successful life.

Kids are never too young to start learning how to be organized. Kids as young as three can be taught how to put their toys away.

School age children should have a daily routine. Everything from getting up in the morning, getting dressed themselves, making their beds and getting their backpacks all ready for school. This includes making sure they have their lunches!

By making kids responsible for themselves they can start learning organizational skills. It also helps takes the pressure off of the parents.

Even though as a parent you might want to do everything for your would be doing them a disservice if you did. Don't you want your child to marry someone that can take care of themselves? Someone that helps around the house?

By teaching your kids some basic skills when they are young you are setting them up for success!

Kids love to learn new things. They love to think that they are in charge. Let them be in charge of themselves!

As a parent your job is to give the kids tools they can use in everyday life. Being organized is a crucial tool.

Parents, especially single parents, need all of the help they can get. Teach your child to be self sufficient and you too will reap the rewards.

And don't use the excuse "I am not an organized person myself".  I have a lot of clients that aren't organized themselves....but they know the right people to teach their kids various skills.

If you can give your child piano or gymnastics lessons.... you can give them "organizing lessons".  It's something they will use forever. Not that being able to do a cartwheel isn't important!

By starting young and having expectations from your children you are helping them be a better person. Their teachers, bosses and future spouses will  "Thank You" !

Start Today..... Raise an Organized Child

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