Monday, September 28, 2015

Rightsizing - Downsizing For Your Current Lifestyle

A lot of people talk about "downsizing" when they get older or their children leave home and their house  feels empty.

Why wait?

Downsizing has all kinds of  "bad" connotations. It makes people think that you were living beyond your means and now you have to lower your standards.

Not true at all...... 

The word "rightsizing" is more appropriate.  You should live in the "right size" house for your current needs and lifestyle. Why live in a 5,000 or 3,000 square foot house when you never use half of the rooms and there are only two of you? You are paying for a lot of unused space when you could be using that money for other things.

But it's not only about the money. It's about your "lifestyle".  Things change. Not only the number of people that you have living in your home and the amount of space you actually need - but also your likes and your hobbies. Why have a "craft room" when you no longer have time for or are interested in those crafts?  Why have a "workshop" when you no longer build things?

Why maintain and have to clean all of those rooms when you could be spending your time doing what you like to do now. 

It's hard to let go of your things.  But sit back and really think about the last time you used them. Why store them when you are not using them?   Let them go.  Give them to your children or friends that can use them and enjoy them.

By giving away (or selling) some of the things that you don't use anymore - or things that you don't want anymore - you get the chance to see people enjoy them - instead of waiting until you die and giving them away in your will (sorry to sound morbid).

Don't keep things just because they were given to you by your family or friends.  Keep your home decluttered by being picky about what you keep and display.

As you age and your hobbies and tastes change - why not change the size of your home so that you actually enjoy every inch of it without having to worry about all of the maintenance for spaces you never use.

It's hard to let go - but you have the right to live your current life - not your past life that outsiders expect. They aren't paying your bills or maintaining your home.

Keeping your home cluttered to please other people is not in your best interest.

Make your home your own - clutter free and stress free.

Live your life - as it is today - not in the past.

Less Clutter = Less Stress SM     in your home, your business and your life

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Cold Weather - Organize Inside - Pantry & Fridge and Expiration Dates

When the weather turns cold and you don't feel like going outside - what's a person to do?  Well - ORGANIZE  something of course!

At least once a season you should go through your kitchen, pantry and refrigerator and clean everything out. Pull out all of the drawers and bins in your refrigerator. Wipe them out. Clean out food that has been sitting around for a while and you have no intention of eating.

Pull out all of the food in your pantry. Rearrange everything and put things where they should logically go. Remember - "like with like".   It makes it easier to find when you need it.

Look at expiration dates. Get rid of things that look moldy or dried up. I know that it might sound logical and elementary - but most people don't bother to do it on a regular basis.

Re-read the complete article on      Food Products and Expiration Dates

Now - go get Organized!

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Being Prepared For All Emergencies - Get Organized!

It's fire season - and for those of us living out west we need to be prepared to evacuate at any moment.  Are you ready?

What can you grab in a few minutes?  What's really important?  Besides your life and that of your family?

What about important papers - birth certificates, passports, bank information, life/health insurance information, medications......

What about contact information for family members and friends?  With everyone being on speed dial most of us don't have people's phone numbers memorized anymore. How can you get in contact with family members to tell them where you ended up?

There are many emergency situations that we should be prepared for besides fires.  What about hurricanes and tornadoes?   Wind storms?

Being organized means thinking about all of the things that could happen - before they actually happen.

Read some of my previous posts to learn what to do in emergency situations:

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Disasters - Emergencies - and everything in between....

So don't wait....  get organized for an emergency!

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