Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Minimalist or Cozy - Which is Correct ?

For some people being clutter free means that nothing is out on the counter or any surface. But being organized and clutter free does not mean that you have to live in a stark and sterile environment.

Your home or office can still be a reflection of you and still be cozy. It's all a matter of perspective.

Every person see's clutter in a different light. Every person has different tastes in decorating. Just because one person chooses to decorate their home in dark colors and another person chooses to decorate their home in vibrant colors - doesn't mean that they are wrong. It means they are different.

It's the same in the definition of  "clutter free and organized".  Some people think that anything left out on the counter is clutter. Some people need things right in front of them - either because they use it on a daily basis or because they need things out to remind them to do something.

There are no right or wrongs in the world of clutter.  Yes - I admit - I like things neat and organized - but I also love to have things that mean something to me - pictures of my family or a few special nick nacks out on display. As long as it's right for you - and you clean and dust everything that is sitting out - it's your home and your choice.

When I work with a client I am very aware of how they choose to live and organize according to their lifestyle. But I also help in redefining their space to make it more organized and create a better flow and function.

It's a balance of form and function. It's the clients home and they call the shots on the amount of things (objects) they want left out on display.

Being clutter free does not mean living in a home that is not comfortable and cozy.

It's all in your definition of what a home should look like.

Clean and clutter free varies from person to person. But having things organized - so that the they can function better is always a good thing!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

When You're Ready - Organize

Being organized is a great thing. It allows you to immediately locate anything that you are looking for and lets you see what you have - without having to search for it.

A lot of people say that they "want" to be organized - but they don't seem to be able to start the process. And pushing them does not work.

People need to be "ready" and "willing" to be organized.

And when that "aha" moment finally comes.... it's great! 

It may sound silly - to those people that are already organized - but for the people that aren't - and want to be - pushing and cajoling just doesn't work.

But once they understand all of the good things that come with being organized - like finding things they didn't know they had - or being able to do things because now they've found the things they couldn't locate before - it's amazing how easily they take to the organizing process.

And it is a process. One small space at a time. One small project at a time.

Progress will push them to the next step. When their face lights up with that  "I really did this - and it looks great" proudness  - I too am proud.

Organizing - one small step at a time.  One person at a time.  One room at a time.

I'm ready.  Are you ?

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