Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holiday.... Merry Christmas.....!

Wishing you and your family a very HAPPY HOLIDAY  and a very  MERRY CHRISTMAS !

May your days be filled with peace and joy......

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Clear Your Clutter For The Holidays

I wanted to share a great poem written by another Professional Organizer. This should inspire all of you to clear your clutter before the Holidays!


'Twas just weeks before Christmas, when I looked 'round my house
And feelings were stirring that I couldn't douse.
The clutter was piled up in mounds all around,
And piles, dust and overwhelm all did abound.
No visions of sugarplums danced in my head,
Just feelings of angst and confusion and dread.
The papers were piled on the table so high
There's no chance of mealtime, I thought with a sigh.
I thought of the guests that would come all too soon
And started to panic and wish it was June.
Aackk! People are coming! Oh, where will they stay?
I must move this clutter. It's all in the way.
I want to have family and friends to enjoy,
To entertain, decorate, bake and…oh, boy.
"I meant to get to it", I heard myself whine,
But now it's December and I'm down to the line.
I thought I could do it myself if I tried,
But it was too much and my brain felt so fried.
I needed some help and I knew whom to call
A Professional Organizer who's on the ball.
My organizer friend was so lively and quick
Before I knew it I was ready for St. Nick!
She helped me to think in a rational way.
I still had some time; they're not coming today.

She settled me down and said, "You'll be alright.
Now take a deep breath and this clutter we'll fight.
We'll start in one room and just put things away
Stuff with no 'home' won't be able to stay."

We cleared and we sorted, we put things away
I was so glad I had not waited just one more day!
We purged and we sorted and made such a clatter
The donation bags just got fatter and fatter."
Soon tabletops showed up and floors all got cleared
There's so much more room now, it almost feels weird.
With Karen's help I got so much more done,
She's taught me the process, we even had fun.
I love it!  I said as I looked all around.
I couldn't believe all the lost stuff I'd found!
I'd managed quite well while the stuff was all lost
But realized I'd be fine if most just got tossed.
I could go on but I think I'll stop here
And wish every one of you holiday cheer.
Oh, and by the way, if your shopping's not done-
If you choose gifts that they'll want, need or use up, you've all won!

Karen here now, all done butchering this poem,
Wishing each of you joy and peace inside of your home.
And so I'll exclaim as I send my newsletter
Merry Christmas to all! Be a clutter go-getter!

© 2014 Karen Sheesley

Karen Sheesley
Straighten Up 
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Clear the Clutter - End of the Year Donations

It's now December and the shoppers are out in full force. Everyone is getting ready for more stuff to take over their homes.

I admit - I am not a shopper. There is only so much stuff that anyone needs (wants is a different story).

Yes - most people love to get presents.  But where are they going to put them?

No one actually thinks about that part of it. If you only have so much space - and you can't fit anything else in - something has to go!

That's not a bad thing!  People outgrow stuff (physically, emotionally or intellectually).  So let someone else have the pleasure of using the things that you don't need (or want) any longer.

There are people out there that can use the things that you don't need or want any longer.

Give back - do something worthwhile for someone else.  Help those in need when you have more than you need.

Before you go shopping - decide to clear out your closet of things that you can donate.  People change, needs changes.....  let someone else get the pleasure of things that you are ready to part with.

Get your kids to clear out toys they have outgrown. It will teach them to help others. And everyone knows they will get more toys anyway.

Before year end - take your donations to Goodwill or a shelter or a church...   Anywhere they will take donations.

Do something good for someone else - and your closet!

Clear Your Clutter and you will be surprised how freeing it really is!

Happy December!

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