Monday, November 24, 2014

Holidays and Shopping - Should You or Shouldn't You ?

The holidays are just around the corner. The malls are busy with shoppers and even Santa has already made an appearance. Guess everyone forgot that Thanksgiving comes first!

I'll skip telling you that the holidays are about more than shopping - they are about family, friends and remembering the important things in life. The reality is - people are going to be shopping and buying and buying and buying.....  STUFF !

Everyone has good intentions. Everyone is trying to make all the people in their lives "happy" by buying them gifts.

But - is it really what they want?  Or are you buying what you want or think they will like?

People have so much stuff that they already don't know what to do with and really don't want - but they are afraid to tell you.

When buying gifts - think about the person (not yourself - not what you want - not your taste....). Will they really like it? Do they really need it? And the most important question -

                        " Do they have room for it in their home ???? "

If the person you are buying for has a small home or an apartment - they might not have room for your gift. If you have bought them things in the past - and you have never seen them wear it or display it - maybe you should re-think your selections.

A few ideas that take up little or no room:

*    Fruit baskets (healthy and something that people don't usually buy for themselves)
*    Any gourmet food that people would love to try and think it's too decadent to splurge on
*    Gift card for a service - massage, car wash coupons, movie tickets....
*    Coupon for babysitting, snow shoveling, grass mowing...
*    CD's or movies (add popcorn for a great evening)

There are a lot of options that take up little room and get used up quickly and don't leave a mess.....

Don't add clutter to someone's home.... just because you feel that you need to give them a gift. Think about what they really need - in the most simplest of terms - and you will be amazed at how much happier they will be when they don't have to pretend that they like the sweater that you bought them.

Happy Holidays! 

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