Monday, July 21, 2014

Clutter and Noise

You might wonder what clutter and noise have to do with each other. It's simple - clutter is a noise that disturbs you so that you can't function as well as you should.

Some people can work in a messy room. I can't.

Clutter doesn't bother some people. For others it's a problem.

Some people actually don't seem to notice a clutter filled room. Even when you say something to them about the mess. They just don't see it.

For others they wonder how you can find anything - much less work in a clutter filled room.

Clutter is a noise that gets louder and louder. Until you eventually can't stand it anymore.

That's when people usually call or write and say "help!".

People have to come to terms with how long they can handle the clutter and the mess before they do something. You have to be ready for change. You can't force people to change unless they are ready. It's only when they are ready that the changes will actually last.

When I walk into a clutter filled room it's like someone is screaming at the top of their lungs. When I walk into a neat and organized room I feel calm and relaxed.

It reminds me of going to the spa to get a massage. They have a little nook that is neat and cozy. They have soft music playing. I can sit and relax and a calmness comes over me.

When you walk into a room that is cluttered you don't have that same feeling.

Clutter causes your stress levels to rise. A clutter free space makes you feel calm.

If you can find one area in your home to be clutter free you too can create a space where you can feel calm after a long day at work.

Get organized - get clutter free.  Reduce your stress.

Once you have a few stress free moments you will have more energy to face the rest of your day.

Happy Organizing !

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Favorite Organizing Tools

There are a lot of really great gadgets out there to get yourself organized. Some of them are really expensive. But spending more money on things doesn't mean that it will work better or keep you more organized.

Simplicity is the key.  And so is being inventive!

My most favorite (and cheapest and most versatile) organizing tool is - ZIPLOC !  I love Ziploc bags - for everything!

We just got back from a camping trip and having to have every little detail (and every meal) organized - and planned out -  Ziploc is your best friend!

I packed each meal in a Ziploc bag. All of the vitamins - in a Ziploc bag. All of the utensils, the napkins, the extra bags (always, always bring extra Ziploc bags when you go on a trip) - everything goes into a Ziploc bag.

Even the plastic containers of food - before they go into a cooler - go into a Ziploc bag.

Believe me - this will save you time in hunting for everything when you have everything in one easy to grab bag. The containers are protected from getting waterlogged in the cooler (one of mine had a leak).

I use Ziploc to capture all of the phone cords - so that we always have them in one place.

Then there are bags. Since everyone has gone to reusable bags there is an endless supply of bags. Use them to capture a 'grouping' of things. Snacks go in one bag. Cooking utensils in another.

You get the picture.....    "like with like" !

Of course - another favorite tool is "the list" - it makes packing fast and easy - and you don't forget a thing!

There are many simple tools out there that can make your life just a little bit easier!

Happy Organizing !

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