Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Do You Really Miss Your Stuff ???

People have more things than they really need. "Stuff" just turns into "clutter".

"But you need it" - you say ? 


When was the last time that you actually used it?

Being in transition and having a lot of our belongings still in boxes has made me realize that even though we downsized and we really did not have a lot of useless things that we never used - we really haven't been traumatized too much by not having those things that we thought we needed.

Downsizing, right-sizing, de-cluttering.... all make you realize that you have too much stuff and you really can live "without" those things.

So - try this experiment:  box up a bunch of stuff that you don't use often (or never) - and put it in the basement, closet, garage....for three months. At the end of the three months - if you haven't missed it - consider getting rid of it for good.

Donate it - give it to someone that might actually use it.

This experiment will make you think - about all the stuff that you really don't need.

Try it - you will be surprised at how you actually feel at the end of the experiment.

It might surprise you !

Happy Organizing !

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