Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Organizing Your Garage for Summer Fun

It's almost May. The weather is beautiful and some of us have already started to get their gardens ready for planting.

So it's time to re-organize your garage and bring your gardening and summer sports equipment to the front of the garage and move all of that winter sports gear to the back!

It's time to summer-ize your garage and get ready for summer fun! A good place to start is by taking everything out of your garage and giving it a good sweeping.

Throw out any broken items and put any items that you no longer use in the "donate" pile. That would include any toys that your kids have outgrown.

Re-arrange your garage to put all of the summer gear where you can easily reach it. Put that snow blower and all of your shovels away for the season. Make sure that any of your equipment is thoroughly cleaned and ready to use by doing any maintenance that it might need before storing it.

Get those bike tired inflated and find your bike helmets!

By organizing your garage and bringing all of the summer gear to the front you will be ready to enjoy the weather without having to dig through your winter gear.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Organizing - Start Small and See Where It Leads You

For those people that are "organizationally challenged" the thought of starting a project seems daunting.  If they can decide on which project to start with that is.....

And that's the first hurdle people need to overcome. Where to start?  

The answer - "where you want".  "Whatever area bothers you the most".

Most people tend to over think things. Organization is very important - but if you mess up - you can easily change things. It's not a matter of life and death (unless we are talking about hoarding).

There is no "right or wrong" place to start. Every client is different. Everyone has different priorities and needs.

As I've said in the past - "just start....".  Pick something - pick something up - and just go for it.

A Professional Organizer will usually have a plan - but for most people - the fact that they are organizing at all is a great first step. The step to having things in place, to finding things, to getting to work (or school....) on time. A step closer to being "de-stressed".

Once a person starts picking things up and clearing a space - they will - eventually - see what they are capable of. They will be able to see what is possible.

Once you get moving you might not be able to stop.  O.K. - maybe not everyone gets as excited about organization as I do - but it is contagious.  A cleared and organized space shows you that you are capable of being organized and hopefully will give you the incentive to continue.

Pick up the coffee cups and snack plates from the living room. Take them into the kitchen.

Pick up your clothes on the living room floor and bring them into your bedroom. No, they don't belong on the bedroom floor - put them in the laundry basket or put them in your closet (neatly, or course).

Pick up all of the magazines laying on the floor and put them into your magazine basket (or get rid of them - let another friend read them....).

Take anything that does not belong in the room - OUT of the room and put it where it belongs.

Start small - and see where it leads you!

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