Monday, August 26, 2013

Organization Means Always Evolving

Being organized is an ever changing event. It's not a "one time" event. You have to change with how you and your family live. Kids grow up and you get rid of their baby toys and their outgrown clothes. You change jobs or gain / lose weight and you swap out your clothes for ones that fit your new life.

You make lists and constantly tweak them to better suit your needs  "at that moment".

We went camping about a month back and of course my husband decided that  "yes, we had everything "  so enough with my lists already.  Thank goodness for kind friends who had extra cooking gear to loan us for the weekend!  But, this past trip he admitted he was wrong and actually asked me to double check our list. The list wins out again!

When I get home from our trips I always "tweak" our lists and add / delete things that we wished we would have had or didn't use.

I am also always rearranging our closets. Living in a smaller house means being very creative with your space. Even though I like to see everything hung up, when you have so little space it means that plastic bins are a better option for clothes that are only worn occasionally (such as clothes used for working in the yard or certain activities).

For people that hire a Professional Organizer they should realize it's not always just a one time event. As your life changes so do your organizing needs.

There's always something that needs to be organized!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fire - Are You Ready ?

We are in a crisis here out west.  Fires are ablaze everywhere. One is only seven (7) miles from our house.  A little scary.

Most people don't realize just how far away you can smell fires.  Or how hard it is to breathe with fumes.  Or how far the ash travels.

So ....... are you ready for a fire ???

Do you have an EMERGENCY PLAN ???

Do you know where all of your important papers are ????

  • passport
  • birth certificate
  • marriage license
  • immunization record
  • insurance papers (house, car, life...)
  • house papers
  • car papers
  • papers for anything valuable ...... 

Can you easily grab everything you need - of value - in a few short minutes ???

If not - maybe now is the time to sit down and organize an emergency safety plan - including getting everything you need out of the house quickly.

Emergencies usually don't come with a warning.

Get ready !!!   Get organized  !!!

Be safe !!!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

How Much is Enough - Shopaholic or Dementia ?

How much is enough?  A lot of people use shopping as a solution for a variety of issues. They are upset about something - so they shop. They are bored - so they shop. There's a "2 for 1 sale" - so they shop. They got some good news - so they shop. They got some bad news - so they shop.

Shopping is not a "cure all" for whatever ails you.

But some people don't shop because of any of the above reasons - they shop because they really believe they "need" the things they are buying. And some people - seniors - have problems with Dementia that are the root of some of these problems. They thing that they "need" more clothes or more food - so they buy and buy and buy.

It's on sale. It's a "2 for 1". Whatever the reason - it's not really valid. Their brain - their memory is not working properly - and no one can convince them that they don't really need 10 loaves of bread in their freezer or 75 pairs of socks.

If it's Tuesday - it must be "shopping day".  And you can't convince them otherwise. They have to shop. It's part of their routine. And don't mess with their routine.

Continuous shopping - for things that you don't really need or have room for is not only a problem for "shopaholics" - but also a problem for the elderly. It's a complex issue. An emotional and psychological issue.

We are bombarded with advertisements and brainwashed to shop. Not matter what. No matter that we really don't need all of the things that we see advertised.

How much is enough? 

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