Monday, May 20, 2013

Organzing Your Childrens School Papers - Artwork Galore....

Kids come home from school with a lot of papers and artwork. All of which they are proud of and want you to keep - forever.

It doesn't matter if it's just a few scribbles on a piece of paper or a watercolor they think is a masterpice....they want you to keep it - forever.

Each piece of school work, each just have to keep it - forever.

But the reality is....we don't have the space for it all. I try to sort through it and keep what I think are the really great ones - the ones that show their personality.

Each child has a folder and each day when things come home I pick the ones that go in my "keep" pile.

My husband...he thinks it's just a way for the teachers to get the stuff off of their desks! "keep" pile ....was getting too big - so I had to sort through it - again. This time, I really had to toss just about everything (let's not tell the children).

It's near the end of the school year and I had a huge pile (a very neat pile - thank you). But I only have so much room and I got new containers for each child. So I had to make some very tough decisions and keep only a few pieces of art and notes that they have written.

The point is.... organizing is a continuous process.  It is always evolving. You sort and keep things that you love and have great memories of....and in the a year or two or three.... you go through the process again and again and make further decisions to de-clutter and dispose of things that you now can comfortably get rid of.

Organizing isn't stagnant. It's a process. It changes as you change. Be comfortable with that thought.

Now....go out and make some hard decisions. You can do it!  

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Vacations Made Easy - Lists and Stress Free Packing

We just got back from a really nice and relaxing vacation. A condo overlooking the lake with the mountains as the backdrop. It was glorious!

But it was one of those times where the few weeks leading up to our vacation were extremely busy with work, meetings and other activities so I didn't actually pack our suitcases until the morning we were going to leave. Believe me - this is not like me.

But I had a great excuse.  Jeff Dunham. What can I say - I'm a huge fan!  We got tickets to see his show and it was scheduled for the night before we were supposed to leave on vacation - so packing got pushed aside. I do have my priorities!

I then learned the power of lists!  I've been packing up the house and kids for vacations for a long time so I have it pretty well down. But waiting until the very last minute to pack can be a bit stressful even under the best of circumstances.

With my packing lists it took almost no time at all and I didn't forget a thing!  I had a checklist for each member of the family and everything went into the suitcases as planned.

Lists are great - they take the stress out of most things in our busy lives.  Orderly and efficient.

So make fun of me if you must - but my vacation list saved the day and our vacation was very relaxing.

As an add on - remember that vacations are not only about packing your suitcase - but about making your house vacation proof.

When you go on vacation you not only have to remember to pack all of the things that you need…you also have to remember to take care of your house / apartment / cats or dogs / plants / garden / bills and a whole slew of things.

A few things that you might want to do:

• Put your mail on HOLD
• Make arrangements to get your lawn cut / your garden or flowers watered
• Make arrangements to get any inside plants watered
• Make arrangements for any animals ( to get fed or taken care of)
• Make arrangements to have your bills paid ahead of time
• Make arrangements to have someone pick up some basic food essentials for your return home so that you have something to eat until you have a chance to go to the store

By planning ahead you too can have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation and a relaxing return home.

Have a great vacation !!!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Organizing Seminar - Stevensville Library

Spring is Here!  Let's Get Organized!

On Tuesday,  May 14th  - from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.  It's FREE !

At the Stevensville Library - North Valley Public Library.  

Come and join our discussion on how much disorganization costs you, the organizing process, different types of clutter and much more.

Get some tips on how to de-clutter your home for spring. 

Join us !

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Containers and Organization - What's the Difference ?

I love containers and everything in its proper place. It makes things look so neat and orderly.

But just because you have containers doesn't mean that you are organized.

Being organized means that you have a plan, a place for everything and you know where everything is.

It means that the things you have are "useful". You don't just have a bunch of "stuff".

If you have a lot of containers (boxes, baskets....) but you have a lot of "everything" thrown into them and there is no pattern or reason to their order - then you really aren't organized. You just have a lot of nice containers!

Organization means that you have put "like with like". It means that only things that are supposed to be in the room (or file or cabinet....) are in there.

It means that you have a plan for how things are supposed to be and you stick with the plan.

Containers are a tool. Organization is a state of mind, a way of life.

You need both to be successful and to make your life easier.

But don't get carried away and start buying a lot of containers when you don't need them or they aren't functioning in a way that is helpful.

Everything should have a purpose and a place.  That's what being organized is all about.  

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