Monday, October 31, 2011

Multi-Tasking - How Effective Is It Really ?

A lot of people talk about "multi-tasking"and how they can do two or three things at once. Maybe they can. But how effective are they really being? Are they giving 100 % of their attention to one particular project? Obviously not.

It's impossible to multi-task and give your complete attention to one project. So they are short-changing someone or something. If you are at work and "multi-tasking" you are opening yourself up to a lot of mistakes. You can't constantly start and stop a project and be effective. Every time you stop one project and answer a question about another project your brain has to "stop" and remember where you left off and re-think what you were doing and what you were going to do on the project that you left off on. See, it's complicated.

Even a thirty second break in your thought process will require your brain to go back a few steps to remember what you were doing and start again. So that's one step forward in another project and two steps back in your main project. Maybe it doesn't sound like a lot of time but it all adds up when you are constantly starting and stopping instead of finishing one project before going on to another.

Even if you were just on the phone talking to someone and you were interrupted by someone else who just wanted to ask you a simple question, you have to stop, answer them and then try to remember exactly where in the conversation you were with the person on the phone and then re-start that conversation.

When you are working on things that require a lot of concentration like a work presentation or accounting or dispensing drugs at a pharmacy multi-tasking can cause serious problems.

When you are looking at things such as driving and texting...well, we all know how dangerous multi-tasking is in that scenario.

You can multi-task in some situations such as throwing some laundry into the dryer and watching T.V. until your dryer buzzer goes off. But if it requires much more thinking than that you are really not getting ahead by trying to do two or three things at once.

If you want to give a project or your family your undivided attention you need to do just that "not divide" your attention and give them the time they deserve.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Organizing Questions - Let's Hear Them !

I know that a lot of people have organizing questions that they would like to have an answer to. So let's hear it !

What are some of your most challenging organizing dilemma's ?

What do you want to know about organizing or being organized ?

Which room of your home bothers you the most ? And why ?

Are you more disorganized in your home or with your time management ?

What great organizing tips would you want to share with others ?

Send in your organizing questions and tips and let's share them with others.

Put "Organizing Questions / Tips" in the subject line and send me an email at

We will put the questions, answers and tips in upcoming blogs.

Happy Organizing !

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Planning Ahead for the Holidays

With the weather turning colder the thoughts of the upcoming holidays and everything that we have to do is not far behind.

I am sure that you have all seen the Christmas decorations already out there and 50 % Off Sales are starting to spring up everywhere.

Starting early in your holiday preparations and shopping is actually a good thing. BUT you can't let yourself get carried away by going overboard on your spending.

If you don't have the money or the space to store all of these "great deals" then you shouldn't be buying them.

But, if you do start shopping early then it's a really good idea to make a list of what you bought and who you bought it for. Because if you don't you will forget and keep buying more presents for the same person. This is especially true if you start your holiday shopping really early in the year.

By having a designated place for your holiday presents and having a list you can avoid overspending.

Starting early can let you enjoy the holidays without having to worry about last minute shopping.

Now that I've planted the seed start thinking about what you want to get each person on your list and just keep your eyes open. By spreading it out over the next ten weeks instead of cramming it into a couple of days you won't feel the pressure of having to buy.

But first....let's enjoy the holidays as they come...that means that Halloween comes before Christmas.... no matter what the retail stores try to tell you!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Winterize Your Garage

It's time to winterize your garage and get ready for the snow. A good place to start is by taking everything out of your garage and giving it a good sweeping.

Throw out any broken items and put any items that you no longer use in the "donate" pile. That would include any toys that your kids have outgrown.

If you have any leftover gardening supplies (mulch, dirt, bulbs, seeds....) or anything that you won't be able to use next spring, get rid of it.

Re-arrange your garage to put the snow blower where you can easily reach it. Make sure that it is ready to use by doing any maintenance that it might need.

Make sure that you have access to any snow shovels or anything else such as salt for those snowy days.

Some people might still be able to use their lawnmower a few more times before the snow falls, but plan on having your lawnmower winterized and empty it of any liquids according to your manual.

By organizing your garage before the weather gets really bad you will save yourself a lot of headaches in trying to find everything when the bad weather hits.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Winter Is Coming Soon ....Is Your Car Ready ?

It might only be October and some people really don't want to think about the cold and bad weather that comes with winter. But ignoring the fact that winter is just ahead won't make it stop coming.

So – the question is ..... are you prepared ?

Now is the time to stock your car with winter essentials.

In your backseat:
* Snow brush
* Ice scraper (or two – various sizes)
* Blanket
* Gloves (keep extra’s in your car)
* Hat
* Scarf

In your glove compartment:

* Paper
* Pen
* Matches (in something waterproof)
* Candle (in a tin) – this can be used if your flashlight doesn’t work or for extra heat
* Tissues
* Hand wipes
* Cell Phone Car Charger
* Flashlight (make sure the batteries are good – or get a windup one)

In your trunk:

* Salt or something to throw under your tires if you get stuck
* Extra Windshield Fluid
* Extra Antifreeze
* Spare Tire
* Shovel
* Jumper Cables
* First Aid Kit (basic)
* Towel (this can also be used as an extra blanket)
* Rope
* Bungee Cords
* Duct Tape (so many uses!)
* Tire Gauge
* Tire Repair kit
* Road Flares
* Fire Extinguisher (small one)
* Plastic Garbage Bags

If you are going to be driving outside of the city limits I would also suggest that you keep water and snacks in your car, especially if you have kids. You never know when an accident might keep you tied up for a long time and you will need water to keep you hydrated and snacks to keep the kids occupied.

Being prepared is always the best defense. Now relax and embrace the weather.

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