Monday, February 15, 2010


People have asked me “Why do people hire you to organize their home? Can’t they just do it themselves?”.

The simple answer is “NO, they can’t”.

But there is nothing simple about the “real” answer.

It’s sort of like asking “why do people hire someone to mow their grass?”. The answer, “because they don’t have the time”. Or “because they don’t like yard work”. Or simply “because they don’t want to do it themselves”.

Yes, a lot of people are “capable” of “organizing” their own home. But they need someone to stand over them to direct them and to make them do it. They tend to second guess themselves and really need an outsider’s opinion and direction.

People that have a disorganized workspace or home are not less educated, in fact a lot of people with disorganized spaces and clutter are actually very bright and highly educated. And that’s part of the problem. They think that the task of “organizing” is “boring” and they can’t stay focused long enough to get anything accomplished.

Some people just get overwhelmed when they try to start organizing a space. Instead of focusing on one aspect at a time they look at the entire room and just see one big mess and start hyperventilating. Then they just throw up their hands and call it a day.

A professional organizers job is to get the client to focus on one aspect at a time and go through a “process”. They need to keep the client on track to get the job done.

Some people were just never taught any organizational skills when they were younger.

Some people just let things go too long and the clutter got out of control and they know that the project is too big for them to handle.

A lot of people think that being “organized” is too time consuming. They don’t understand that once you are “organized” you will actually save a lot of time because you will be able to find things easily. Maintaining an organized space is also a lot less time consuming because you aren’t spending a lot of time thinking about how you are going to organize the space, it’s already organized. You are merely putting things into designated spaces.

When you have an entire family that is disorganized it is really important that everyone is on the same page if you are going to get your space de-cluttered and organized. If your family won’t cooperate with your plan to organize your home it’s almost impossible to have an organized home. Another reason why people tend to throw in the towel. “Why bother, they are just going to mess it up anyway”.

It is crucial that the entire family is on board with the organizing plan. A professional organizer can transform a space…but if the family isn’t on board with the idea, the space will just go back to the cluttered mess that it was before the organizer got there.

A Professional Organizer does more than just de-clutter and organize a space. They also educate the client (and the entire family) on why a space should be organized. On how to organize a space. On how being organized saves you time and money. And on how “being organized” is a crucial lesson that will stay with them the rest of their lives and will be something they use in all aspects of their life.

Being “organized” isn’t only about space management and clutter control. It’s about time management, paper management, project management and life management.

Organization affects all aspects of your life.

Start today and have a more “organized” life.

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